WRX Mud Flaps

Mud flaps are integral to protecting the paint and finish of your WRX. When driving, especially in the rally environments the WRX was designed for, mud can bounce up from the tires and spray all over the vehicle. Mud flaps can prevent this from happening completely. Mud isn’t’ the only thing that mud flaps block, sharp rocks and other objects can pop up from under a tire and cause major damage. It would be a good idea for any WRX owner to install mud flaps on his or her vehicle.

Installation of mud flaps can be very easy. It is a very simple process and minimal tools are required. The WRX comes with holes pre-installed from the factory for mud flaps. Simply take the mud flap, and screw it in to the holes that have already been drilled in the sheet metal. Once you have done this, installation is complete and your paint job is now protected.

Not only are they easy to install, but mud flaps can be stylish as well. The WRX has many smooth and aggressive lines which give it a sporty, performance-oriented lo More info: wrx mud flaps

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