Which Pizza Tastes Best?

Most people will agree that eating pizza is an enjoyable, if somewhat guilty, pleasure. What most people cannot agree on is which type of pizza is best.

Some people will not eat a thick crust pizza, while others swear that thin crust is the only way pizza should be made. Thick crust lovers usually also enjoy pizza crust that comes stuffed with cheese and other fillings.

For meat lovers, a favorite pizza would include an assortment of meats, including pepperoni, Canadian bacon, sausage and even ground beef. The flavor of the cheeses and sauce, while important, is not as important as a generous serving of meat.

Most children prefer pepperoni or just plain cheese. They are not concerned with thick or thin crust. They are looking for plenty of gooey cheese and lots of spicy pepperoni.

Vegetarians enjoy their pizza too. They prefer plenty of vegetables, including mushrooms, olives, artichokes, tomatoes and whatever else that may be offered. Vegans eliminate the cheese and eat their pizza with sauce, vegetables and maybe some chunks of tofu.

In the summer months, barbecued chicken pizza is a popular option. It is usually covered with plenty of cheese and topped with chunks of chicken, and the traditional pizza sauce is replaced with barbecue sauce.

Some people enjoy a little of everything on their pizza. In their opinion, plenty of meat, vegetables and cheese is the perfect recipe for a great pizza.

Almost every pizza restaurant will fix any pizza a customer requests. It is just important to find a place with a great sauce and inviting atmosphere.
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