Uses Of Silcone Sealant

Silicone sealant is used for many purposes around the home. With all the uses for this product, it is handy to have around. This product seals and holds out water from areas in your home that should remain dry. The kitchen and the bathroom are the areas of the home that can easily get water damage unless cracks and crevices are sealed in properly.

In the bathroom when people take baths, showers, and use the bathroom sink, water can splash out on the floor and wall. If left alone this can cause water damage from getting in cracks around the tub and shower area. The toilet is also an area that can cause water damage with it perspiring causing water moisture. Therefore, it is a good idea to seal these areas with silicone sealant so that when water is splashed out onto these areas it will not cause damage to your home.

Silicone sealant is applied around the tub, shower, and toilet areas to help hold water out from getting into cracks and crevices. Sealant takes several hours to dry and is resistant to mold,

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