Use Personalized Matches For Party Favors

Personalized matches are a common wedding and party favor. They are imprinted with the details of the day and guests take them home as a keepsake and remembrance. Matches are popular favors because they are relatively inexpensive, come in many colors and styles and can be printed with a personal message.

There are two basic types of personalized matches that people use for party favors or giveaways. The first is a traditional book of matches with a flap. The personalization is printed onto the flap of the matchbook. The second option is a miniature matchbox which has the imprinted information on the top of the box.

When used for wedding favors or keepsakes, the matchbook is typically designed to match the color scheme the bride has chosen. For instance, a wedding with a teal and purple color scheme may have teal matchbooks imprinted with purple lettering. Generally, the imprinted details are the bride and groom’s names and the wedding date. Sometimes personalized matches are printed with a messa

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