The Importance Of Sewer Inspections

When purchasing a home, it is important to have it thoroughly inspected by a variety of experienced contractors and inspectors to ensure that there are no issues with the home. One important inspection that you cannot avoid is a sewer inspection. Unless you are purchasing a brand new home, sewer inspections are a necessary part of the purchase. Although you may not want to pay for sewer inspections, it is certainly cheaper to pay someone for sewer inspections so that you can determine important issues with a home before purchasing it than it is to move in and then realize that your new home is in need of expensive septic work.

Even if you are having a regular inspection done by a professional inspector, it is important to hire a separate inspector who is experienced in doing sewer inspections. A regular inspector only checks things that are above ground, and a regular inspector will not check the underground sewage lines at all. Along with that, a regular inspector is not truly trained to handle sewage iss More info: Sewer Inspections Berkeley

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