Sports Medicine: Health Care For Athletes And Active Individuals

Sports Medicine is an area of medicine that involves prevention and management of trauma and injury due to exercise/sports and maintaining good physical condition and fitness. This is also called sports or exercise science, which is centered in the principles of human anatomy and physiology as well as the psychology associated with activity and movement. The sports medicine team is comprised of Athletic trainers or therapists who have advanced training and education in the health care of physical activity; and they are liable for management of any sports related trauma and work interdependently with the team doctor, coach, the team member or person involved and the athlete’s significant others.

The sports medicine specialists will assess for existence of certain conditions and manage medical cases that athletes and active individuals commonly experience. The doctors in SEM cure musculoskeletal trauma and other cases such as exercise induced asthma, female athlete triad and unexplained under-performance syndrome among others. Their primary objective is to promote optimal physical health and performance enhancement. These doctors do not necessarily denote that they are actual physicians; but they are sports medicine specialists who have completed the bachelors program, master’s degree and accomplished certification in sports medicine. The specialists’ roles include preventive approaches of sports trauma, identification and cure for the injuries, restoration of maximum function of affected body parts and provision of health care.

The usual sports related trauma or injuries often encountered by SEM doctors are ankle sprains or the overstretching of ankle bone ligaments; concussion or a trauma that results to changes in the mental status that may or may not be accompanied with loss of consciousness; muscle cramping or an abrupt, heavy, painful sensation wherein there is muscle spasticity on the affected extremities; and many more.
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