In some areas of the country, snow accumulation is huge. On an almost daily basis, snowfall can be two or three inches and then during snowstorms it can drop as much as two to three feet onto the streets. Most people living in these areas will expect this kind of snowfall. They know what the area has the potential to drop on them on any given winter day. They will stock up on the essentials routinely not really paying attention to any news reports but just expecting the accumulation because of the area. They will keep food and water in the home at all times in case they are snowed into the home with no way to get out for essentials. They will stock up on shovels and sand or gravel for shoveling themselves out of the snow. They will lay the sand or gravel onto their walking and driving surfaces to keep the areas from icing up as it tends to do in freezing weather.

After a large snowfall, the cleaning up begins. Shoveling all that snow can take hours and in some cases almost the whole day after it falls. Cars need to be brushed off and shoveled out so that people can go about their lives again. One thing that people do not often consider is the damage to roofing during these storms. Most homes in areas that get snow are built with the roof at a slant. This lets snow slide off the home without creating any damage. Sometimes, though, the snow can accumulate and sit heavily on the roof. It might be necessary to push some of the snow off the roof after a big storm. More info: colorado springs roofing

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