Machine For Easing Pain Brings You “Back 2 Life”

Just as the name suggests, this new age machine uses the power of motion to naturally calm your back. Specifically designed to ease the pain and tension of lower back problems, the machine is designed to gradually set the lower lumbar and vertebra at ease, and relieve the stiffness that can accumulate throughout a person’s average day. To work this device, the user simply lies flat on the floor, draping their legs over the cushioned threshold, supporting the backs of the kneecaps. Then turns the machine on for the message. The counter display measures the process up to 12 minutes, then shuts off automatically.

Within minutes, the user will begin to feel the results of the machine,as their pain and tension wear away in a smooth and soothing manner. The “Back2Life” machine is light-weight and portable, so it can be taken anywhere it’s needed. It has been recorded that using this machine for 12 minutes, twice a day will give the user a natural way to relieve their pain minus the aggravation of time-consuming workout programs, expensive pain pills, or other alternative methods that could be costly and ineffective.

As far as any mediocrities are concerned, the machine does require some light assembly. Although, no tools are needed to do so. It is as simple as sliding the left and right leg stands together, then fitting the cushioned leg rest on top. Patients who have undergone current back surgery or suffer from spinal misalignment should not use this product.

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