Dog Boarding

It’s never easy to leave your pet, but inevitably something will arise that causes you to have to entrust another to care for your furry friend. Dog boarding is a popular option, and there are usually many to choose from. When choosing a boarding facility there are many things to consider to ensure your pet is well cared for.


Be sure the boarder has a great reputation. Ask friends and family first to find recommendations, then do a little online research on the boarding kennels being considered. Happy clients equal great services. Another route would be to ask a groomer or veterinarian.


Drop into the boarding facility for an impromptu visit. Check out the cleanliness, notice the interaction of staff with the animals and ask what the staff to animal ratio is. Make sure also, that there is a regular veterinarian that is on call in case a pet is injured. This will give you peace of mind while you are away.
Some other important things to find out:

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