Different Types Of Lapidary Equipment

Lapidary polishes and cuts rocks, stones and gems to make them into beautiful pieces of jewelry. While this can be a hobby, it also can turn into a lucrative profession. Whether you take up lapidary work as a hobby or profession, there are certain lapidary equipment you will need.

If you are beginner, it is best to go slowly, as the equipment used for lapidary work are rather expensive. You should first master the art of polishing and cutting before investing in the equipment.

A rock tumbler is perhaps the most important piece of lapidary equipment. As the name suggests, it is a container into which rock pieces are put and tumbled through number of grits to polish the rocks and stones. There are many kinds of tumbler available with different speeds and for different rocks. Usually, hobbyists opt for small tumblers, as they are not very expensive.

You will also need other lapidary equipment, such as drills, wheels, saws and discs. With the help of these tools you will be able to turn plain looking More info: Lapidary Equipment

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