Dental Implants Results Are Amazing

Dental implants are a great way to replace a tooth or teeth that have been lost to disease or injury. They are a permanent solution and are beautiful and natural looking. Implants don’t rely on neighboring teeth for strength or support.

Dental implants are a great way to regain your confidence if you have one or more missing teeth and are bothered by your appearance. They are natural looking and no one will know they are not your natural teeth. Chewing food with implants feels the same as it does with your original teeth. Dental implants can last a lifetime with proper care.

Dental implants are great for replacing missing teeth but can also be used to support dentures, making them more secure and comfortable. You can also use implants for bridges, eliminating the need for a removable partial bridge.

An endosteal implant is the most common implant. Endosteal means “in the bone” and is secured by screws, blades or cylinders surgically inserted into the jawbone. Another type of dental implant is the subpreiosteal implant meaning “on the bone” which is placed on top of the jaw with posts protruding through the gums to hold the prosthesis. These are used for people with minimum bone height.

Dental implants have a huge advantage over dentures and bridgework; they prevent bone loss and gum recession. Another advantage is implants don’t affect neighboring teeth; the implants don’t need these teeth for support, like dentures and bridges do. Dental implant results are highly predictable, and are considered an excellent option for missing teeth and denture and bridge support.

If you are in good general health with healthy gums and adequate bone in your jaw, and free of periodontal disease, you are a good candidate for implants. Check with your dentist to answer your questions about dental implants.
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