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Making Your Beardies New Home

If you have decided you want to buy a bearded dragon as a pet, there are a quite a few other things to consider before making your purchase. The most important thing you must think about is providing a comfortable home for your new pet. Creating the right habitat, or enclosure, for your beardie is imperative to its health and comfort. You want to provide a home that is as close to their natural habitat as you possibly can.

Your bearded dragon will grow to be 15 – 24 inches (38 – 60 cm) in length, so you need to provide a home that will give it plenty of room to stretch out and roam around in. This requires an enclosure that is at least two to three times the length of your pet when full grown. This is about the size of a 50-gallon aquarium. In addition to the amount of space needed, your pet’s home needs to be in a location that will not be in the light for 24 hours and it must be a quiet location. Loud noises will cause your beardie a lot of stress and make it unhealthy.

There are many types of enclosures to choose from. A regular glass or acrylic aquarium will work well as a home for your pet. Just keep in mind that something this large is likely to be heavy. Many people opt for an enclosure that is wood on three sides with a glass front and sturdy lid. Wire enclosures will be lightweight. Just assure that your bearded dragon will have plenty of room when full grown, has a place to stay warm and that it can’t escape or harm itself.

Bearded dragons come from the plains of Australia so they need an environment that is desert-like and warm. This requires a substrate, or floor covering, that is made of dirt, sand or small gravel for realism. Many people use butcher or similar paper as well and this will work also and provide easier clean up. Choose something that will not irritate your beardie’s feet or harm them if they eat it.

It is vital that you provide a way for your bearded dragon to keep warm and obtain ultra violet light to be healthy. Offer a source of warmth such as a heat lamp and/or a heating pad designed for reptiles. Also supply a UVB lamp to act as a source of substitute sunlight. Including a thermometer is also important so you can check the temperature and assure that your pet has enough warmth.

Don’t forget that you will need a water source and something to put their food in. Pet stores have a wide selection of products for this purpose. They are specially made to be safe for your pet and are not too deep and won’t tip over. A shallow, heavy saucer that won’t tip can also serve well. Your bearded dragon is an omnivore and eats plants and other animals. Along with a variety of fruit and vegetables, you should also give your pet live crickets or mealworms.

In addition to providing these essentials, you should also give your pet some ‘furniture’ for climbing and basking on. A flat rock or two under the heat lamp will be a favorite hang out as the rocks will absorb heat from the lamps and offer a nice place for sun bathing. Wooden logs, plants, rope or vines and even a poly rock wall for climbing will make your pet feel at home and provide a variety of options for their comfort.

Creating a bearded dragon vivarium can be an expensive proposition, as it requires much more than just putting a lizard in a shoebox. With some resourcefulness and imagination though, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Just make sure that everything you use is safe for your dragon. But, now you have a better idea of the requirements to provide a good home for your new pet. It’s also a good idea to also get a booklet on bearded dragon care to have on hand in order to give it the best care possible.

Exotic Wood Furniture: Oriental Themes In Your Living Room

Some of the finest examples of exotic wood furniture are those from the far east. Since ancient times, oriental furniture in Asian countries has been one of the most elaborate types of furniture in the world. Cabinets, chests, and tables are the most popular types of exotic wood furniture from countries such as China, Korea, and Japan.

Original antique furniture from Asian countries can be quite costly, but there are beautiful reproductions which are more affordable to the average person. For example, there are great pieces of lacquer style furniture available for sale on online retail websites and at brick and mortar antique shops. Some distinct features of such exotic wood furniture may include colorful oriental themed decor and hand paintings. More info: exotic wood furniture

Spill Containment Must be Done by Experts

Spill containment should be carried out by those with experience in this field. This should not be done by amateurs. Many companies promise expert spill containment but are novices. Call the best in spill containment if your business is suffering through one of these mishaps.

Spill containment is necessary and should be started at once. The experts arrive and get to work immediately before the spill damages other areas of the structure along with other products. Do not risk your business and have added expenses by waiting. Contact the spill containment experts at once and they immediately start cleaning up and prevent any larger areas becoming contaminated. More info: spill containment

Finding a Breeder of Ragdoll Cats

Ragdoll cats can make fantastic pets — especially if you find a great breeder to buy from! There are several things that you should keep in mind when you are making your decision. You don’t want to just buy your ragdoll from any breeder you find, even if they offer cheap prices.

Make sure the parents are on site and available for you to look at. Pay attention to the way they act and their appearance — would you be happy with your kitten if it turned out just like one of the parents? If you don’t like something then don’t go with that particular breeder. Thank them for their time and move one! More info: ragdoll cats

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